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Texas A&M Lineman Injures Knee While Celebrating Sack


Celebrating in football is common. End zone dances and turnover chains make the game fun. There's nothing wrong with praising yourself and your teammates as long as it is done in a respectful and safe manner.

The keyword there is safe. I'm all for showing emotion on the field, but just be smart about it. We've seen a Notre Dame defensive back tear his ACL while celebrating a pass break-up in the past, and the last thing any college football fan wants to see is another knee being blown out in the same way.

Texas A&M Aggies defensive tackle Bobby Brown might have done just that while celebrating a sack against the Florida Gators.

Texas A&M Lineman Injures Knee Celebrating Sack


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Texas A&M upset the undefeated Gators on a game-winning field goal at Kyle Field, 41-38. While it was an offensive showdown between Kyle Trask and Jimbo Fisher's Kellen Mond-led attack, Texas A&M had flashes on defense that helped the Aggies win.

One of those was a sack from junior defensive lineman Bobby Brown III. The big man took down Trask in the third quarter on first down for a loss of six yards, leading to a punt while UF still held a 28-24 lead.


As Brown got up to celebrate, he decided to stomp the ground a little too hard, because he injured his right knee and instantly began limping. Brown needed help off the field and was seen not putting weight on his leg.

Brown had three tackles and the one sack in the game before forcing himself out of it. According to Yahoo, the ESPN broadcast showed Brown loosening up his leg on an exercise bike afterward and re-entered the game in the fourth quarter.

I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing Brown didn't seriously injure his knee. Something tells me he won't be celebrating sacks like that anymore.

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