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Grandpa Goes Viral for Free Throws Behind Insane Balancing Act


The whole point of going to the gym is to draw as much attention to yourself as possible. That's a fact.

The guy grunting after every rep? He's a performer.

The guy who takes mirror selfies? He's an influencer.

The guy who corrects your form? He's actually a really chill dude who goes on to do a low-key ab workout like hanging horizontally from the pull-up bar and doing scissor kicks.


The holy grail of this guy is the guy who attempts a balancing act in the middle of the basketball court.

Grandpa Nails Free Throws Behind Balancing Act

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They say the hardwood is a stage, and this shirtless bearded guy took full advantage. I count nine dumbbells on each side and a plyo box.


Anyone who was looking to do a free weight or box jump workout can check their frustration at the door. It's not everyday you see art being created right in front of you.

The bearded guy goes on to perform a handstand and do some pushups, but the show in the background diverts our attention.

In the background, an older man is lining up at the free-throw line. He's so locked in he doesn't turn around to see the daring act.

He hits one. Swish. He hits the second. He hits the third, fourth, and fifth.


Social media recognized the perfect free-throw shooter as the true star of the show. How can one man tune out the noise when the Evil freaking Knievel of his generation is performing just feet away?

High school players from New York to Los Angeles took notes. College and NBA hoopers studied the film.

If I was a head coach or an assistant coach of a youth basketball team, I would simply show this and walk out. The players would get the message.

The lesson to take away from this is simple: if you're going to film a daredevil act like this, make sure you're the only one in the shot.


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