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Rob Gronkowski Performs "I'm Too Sexy" on 'The Masked Singer'


Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski sure looks like he's enjoying retirement.

The three-time Super Bowl champion hung up the cleats after the 2018 NFL season and has been living life to the fullest ever since. He's partied with Steve Harvey on New Year's Eve, shook his booty with the Laker Girls and delivered donuts for Uber Eats. Let's not forget that he signed with WWE and is hosting Wrestlemania, either.

Gronk's party days never truly stopped. Since his days dancing as a male stripper in college (yes, really), the 30-year-old former NFL player has been busting dance moves whenever he gets the chance.

It appears Gronkowski has taken his dancing skills to one of the nation's top primetime TV shows, FOX's "The Masked Singer." Somehow, he kept his shirt on.


Rob Gronkowski on The Masked Singer

If you've never seen The Masked Singer, it's a hoot. Hosted by Nick Cannon, the weekly singing competition show features all sorts of celebrities, singers and athletes that perform songs while under the disguise of an elaborate costume.

Four judges (Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger) then have to guess the name under the mask. This season, costumes include an astronaut, t-rex, frog, kangaroo, turtle, night angel, banana, rhino and kitty.

Contestants in past Masked Singer seasons include former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, NFL Hall-of-Famer Terry Bradshaw, NBA player Victor Oladipo and pro skating legend Tony Hawk.

In addition to performing every week, contestants must provide a clue package. Here are a couple from the person under the white tiger mask.


- He knows how to "work a crowd"

- Not a strong singer

- Visual clues: bar, dartboard and a quarter

- He dances like a male stripper in one clue

- There's a Route 66 poster. Gronkowski played college football at Arizona.

- A poster of a cow skiing. Gron-COW-SKI.

- The Lincoln Gettysburg Address poster. "Four score and seven years ago" equals 87, Gronkowski's jersey number

- Clam shucking, a hint to his New England/Boston roots

Ron Gronkowski Performs "I'm Too Sexy"

Gronkowski was revealed as the white tiger king Wednesday night but not before putting on a show by singing "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred in the white tiger costume. He reminded us no one can rock a crowd quite like Gronk can.


Joe Exotic, who? Gronkowski is the real tiger king deserves a separate Netflix show.

McCarthy and Thicke were the only panelists to guess Gronkowski. Jeong thought it was J.J. Watt, and Scherzinger guessed John Cena.

"When I got asked to do the Masked Singer, I knew I was in," Gronkowski said. "I wanted to do it. I wanted to learn how to sing, and also I really wanted to learn how to dance."

I, for one, can't wait for the next athlete to appear on the show. PLEASE let it be Tom Brady.


Gronkowski's Other Performances

Gronkowski performed Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations" on episode one:

The following week, White Tiger took on Queen's "We Will Rock You":


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